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Do you need a limited company?

You may choose to incorporate your business to provide you with:

• limited liability;
• an easier method of defining rights and responsibilities of management than in a partnership;
• a major customer may require it so that he avoids PAYE complications on service fees (by passing the complication on to you);
• for some other reason.

However you pay a price for limited liability:

• your suppliers know about limited liability as well and are less inclined to give credit to companies than to individuals or partnerships;
• you need to prepare annual accounts in a statutory format which is more laborious than individual or partnership accounts;
• the directors will probably have to be paid under PAYE rather than gross as a sole trader or partner;
• you will also have to prepare P11d's, annual returns and carry out other administrative chores.

If you want to incorporate your business:

We can incorporate a new company with your choice of name in a few days.

There are two levels of service:

Standard £95 - includes certificate of incorporation plus memorandum and articles of association, blank statutory books, blank share registers and blank companies house forms, usually completed in a few days.

Custom from £200 - as standard but with non standard share structure etc. or customised in any way you like, also takes a little longer.

For an additional fee we can prepare all of the statutory books for you and make all relevant filings at Companies House leaving you free to concentrate on your business. To order your company e-mail or telephone us.

During the life of your company we can provide a full range of services to ensure your company complies with the law and makes all relevant filing with tax authorities.

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