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My tax agent ID

My tax agent ID is MichaelLewis-F4JCUFJ8WT5N

You can appoint me online as your agent but you have to do it from the Government Gateway, not from the HMRC website, I have no idea why.

To do anything useful it has to be from the HMRC website. Useful is things like adding yourself as an employee or doing a P14. Again I have no idea why you go to one website to do one thing and another website to do another. I guess this is what joined up government is all about.

Anyway, go to the HMRC website login and click on the "Access Service" link to the right of PAYE for Employers. Then click the link on the right "Online Returns & Forms PAYE Product", it's on the right near the top of the page, then the link "Online Return and Forms - PAYE product", it's in the middle at the top. After this the selection of things to do becomes a lot easier to follow.

In brief...

Company cars and vans

Company cars are taxed in a variety of ways, all of them expensive. You should really have some business use of the car to establish that it was necessary for the company to buy you such a car. If you can put up with it a van is very tax efficient. In full... »


Do you need a limited company? You may choose to incorporate your business, but you pay a price for limited liability. If you want to incorporate your business we can incorporate a new company with your choice of name in a few days. In full... »